Legend World Remake v2.0 will be released soon!

There are lots of exciting new stuff in this upcoming release. Compared with v1.5, v2.0 takes a giant leap forward.

The brand-new World Maps

We completely remade all the World Maps in LWRemake. You can freely choose the level, not only the furthest one but also the ones you've completed. The game will automatically save your progress after passing a level.

The Purple Coin System

In v2.0, we are adding achievements to most levels. Achievements mainly include collection, limitation, exploration, etc. Once you get a level passed, the challenge for that level will be unlocked. Each level has 0~3 achievements & challenges, all of which are optional. When you complete a task, you will earn a purple coin. Purple coins can unlock additional content for Legend World Remake in Save Game Room.

World 8

The addition of World 8 marks the finish of Legend World Remake. The numbered levels contain elements from World 1 to World 7. The final castle is very grand. We also added a few original levels which don't exist in vanilla Legend World.



LWRemake v2.0 is still in development. The following images may not represent anything final.